Personal and corporate coaching.

Whether humanity/we like it or not, it is an undeniable fact that humanity has changed tremendously in the past hundred years. Some times for our benefit and often times not.

Whether you recognize the terms "iluminati" or "white hats" or not you will in the near future. No matter, as we have said the world is changing rapidly and we either change
with it or we struggle to survive.

It is partially for this reason that I have specialized myself in understanding what is required to move with the times or go with the flow! Statements I am sure you are familiar with. As the title suggests I use five main keys to assist my clients to find their way through life in as balanced a manner as possible. I work on the principle that "everything is energy" and it is when one understands how to work "with" energy, life can be a very pleasant and joyful experience. Body, mind and soul are important areas to be worked on when my clients come to me. When all three are in balance, clients always experience life much more positively.

The five main principles are:
Truth, Trust, personal responsibility, Unity and balance. 

Personal coaching!
During an intake conversation, I listen to what you feel is happening in your life, what you would like to improve and or change, after which we will discuss together the treatment or course of actions we will follow if necessary for a series of sessions. Working with your energy field seeking imbalances, balancing your chakras, meridians and Hara line often provides not only answers but the client always feels lighter and more at ease with their situations.
It is by utilizing all of these principles that we are able to reverse burn-outs, lower the risk of health issues and generally create a much more positive life.

Group coaching!
In this category it is possible to think about clubs, sports organizations, departments within a company etc.

Corporate coaching!
When working with companies or corporations I always see the whole as an engine. If there is one or more parts of the engine (company) not functioning correctly
it has the potential to lower the productivity of that company, often bringing higher costs along with it. When invited in to a company an important part of my function is to observe the daily routines, how employees work together or not. How communication plays an extremely important role within the company. After a period of time, I will connect with the management to share my findings. Once we have worked out a plan of action, we will begin to promote changes. Once all personnel within the company understand and work with the new principles, companies find that the atmosphere within changes, creating a much happier work place. We all know that well oiled engines with all of its moving parts functioning in harmony are not only much more efficient, it gives better output and brings higher performance to the vehicle. (In this case the company)

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