Initiations in the 5 elements

These are initiations that take place beyond the mystical/magical veils of the veils.
Your mind/ego cannot comprehend them because they go beyond their limitations.

You will need to be able to at least visualize from within your inner vision to be able to
get the highest and greatest good out of these very special initiations.

Before you request these initiations you will be subjected to a series of questions to determine if you are ready.
We make this statement to protect you and us against disappointments.


During the Initiation into the Elements through the AGNI Lords you will be introduced to the following elements and Lords.

Each of the elements comes with a set of instructions to be followed prior to the initiation. Once the initiation has taken place you will then read the exercises provided that accompany it. You will also receive the symbol that activates the element after the initiation.

The Element & Description 



  The Element Earth fortifies the physical body, promoting health at the physical level and abundance in this plane of existence! It facilitates concentration, stability, discipline and security, providing the power to reach objectives and ideals and alleviates anxiety within 5 minutes...

  Archangel Uriel emanates a very powerful energy in the Element Earth,  maintaining that power to several levels of existence and  bringing a sensation of security and stability to the initiate. Using the key of the element Earth, you can activate in you or others the following qualities:

  IN THE MENTAL PLANE: Activating patience, perseverance, prudence, concentration, reflective thoughts, analytical ability, practicality, promoting mental strength, objectivity and discipline.

  IN THE EMOTIONAL PLANE: Activating balance, stability, stabilizing  negative emotions and providing a deep sense of emotional peace.

  IN PHYSIC PLANE:  Manifesting ideas and objectives in the physical plane of existence, as well as favouring  abundance and stability in the physical plane while promoting deep healing.

 The Earth energy serves like a bridge between the world of ideas, emotions and the physical plane of existence. It catalyzes and anchors objectives so  that they are manifested. Many people have great visions and many wonderful ideas, yet they lack sufficient earth energy to see them manifested in the physical plane. The exercises presented within this manual will assist greatly in achieving the desired results in the physical reality. 



Benefits: It fortifies the mental Body and facilitates the understanding of the Universe around us. It promotes clarity of thought and brings added power and structure to enhance the ideas and projects you embark upon.

 The Archangel Raphael emanates a very powerful energy known as the Cosmic Energy of the Air element which exists in all levels of the mind. For humanity, this energy provides freedom and a light sensation. You can activate in yourself or others the following qualities using the Key of the Air Element, which is an image of an eagle:

 In the Mental plane: It creates precision, speed and flexibility of thought and develops liberal thought without inhibitions, expanding your analytical talents, a rapid understanding and a greater mental versatility.

 In the Emotional plane: It activates qualities such as diplomatic affection abilities, refined style and emotional independence.

 In the Physical plane: It expands growth, a freedom of expansion, development in several areas of your life. This includes commercial abilities and solutions for problems in extroversion. 



 The Archangel Gabriel emanates a very powerful Energy known as the Element of Water, which is sustained by him in several planes of existence. This Energy brings dominion on the Emotional plane, channeling and directing the emotions and the passions, towards a harmonious life.

 The following qualities can be cultivated with constant use of the Energy of the Water element. They can be activated in yourself or others.

 IN THE MENTAL PLANE: It develops/expands receptivity, adaptability, imagination, and the understanding of all the concepts.

 IN THE EMOTIONAL PLANE: It promotes inner peace, inspiration, opening towards other new possibilities, sensitivity, ease and grace within personal treatment, ability to establish and nourish harmonious emotional relations.

 IN THE PHYSICAL PLANE: It provides relaxation, tranquillity, and contemplation. The Cosmic Water Energy dissolves preoccupations and fears and allows the individual to flow with life and to develop a peaceful and magnetic personality. 



 The Archangel Michael emanates a very powerful energy known as the Element Fire, which he sustains in several planes of existence. For humanity this element is manifested as a feeling of force, power and activity. By using the Key of the element of fire you can activate in you or others, the following qualities:

 IN THE MENTAL PLANE: It fortifies will, leadership, confidence, clears anger, promotes initiative and self-sufficiency.

 IN THE EMOTIONAL PLANE: It develops a tendency towards altruism, the inclination to help and to protect others, happiness, optimism, enthusiasm and the disposition towards confrontation.

 IN THE PHYSICAL PLANE: It provides great vitality in all aspects of life and increases the tendency towards immediate action, restores to good health in general and recovery from diseases, improves blood circulation. 



 Archangel Metatron represents the highest vibrational Energy and is known as the Element Ether which emanates from Him in all planes of existence. All the traditions mention a very subtle and invisible essence, at the root of all physical existence. The Theurgist called it the Fohat. The Hindú called it the Akasha. The Chinese refer to it as the Cosmic Chi. In Japan they know it as Ki. For the Buddhists it is the Clear Light, whereas for the Christians it is the Holy Blood of Jesus's Sacred Heart. In the middle ages, the Alchemists referred to this field of Energy as the Fifth element, but it was the Gnostics and the Philosophers of the Renaissance that gave it the name "Ether." With great intensity for the first decades of the last century science has always tried to prove the existence of Ether. However, their failures to measure the Akasha, led them to abort this concept. Recently modern astrological discoveries point once again towards the reality of a “Great Energetic Field” in which the whole Universe Coagulates.

  The Ether is the basic beginning force of all life and supports the vital process of all Beings in the Universe, joining the atoms, molecules and cells. It is essential for interior and exterior harmony. This energy radiates very naturally from spiritually advanced Beings, supporting them in the interaction and balance between them, their ambience and with the entire Universe. Ether is a great mix of a myriad of mystical energies, which allows the human Being, to reach higher levels of consciousness and to reach greater levels of harmony in their lives.

 The following qualities can be permanently cultivated by you in your energy field with use of the energy of the element Ether. You can activate this energy in yourself or in others.

 IN THE MENTAL PLANE: Ether has the Power of Synthesis.

 IN THE EMOTIONAL PLANE: Ether manifests as pure Love.

 IN THE PHYSICAL PLANE: Ether exists as a Force un-separated from All Life.  

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