About Ian V. Henderson.

The world around us is changing very rapidly. Not one single person reading this right now can deny that fact and it is happening at an ever increasing rate.

In spiritual terms I have developed myself to higher vibrational consciousness and more often than not am a source of great information, providing answers to questions placed before me. I am assisted by many in this dimension and even more other dimensional beings and masters.

In the beginning of my journey and search for answers I read a great many works from the masters and am often able to point friends or clients to a book that will make their journey more understandable.


         Here are some of my skills as a spiritual coach.
  • Shambhala MDH Master Teacher and have attuned literally hundreds of people to these beautiful energies.
  • Co-channel for the energies of Shambhala Oneness.
  • Master Teacher of the 5 Elements.
  • Initiated in the Elohim teachings.
  • Ordained Minister in the Universal life Church.
  • A medical intuitive and am generally able to pinpoint the source/cause of any illness offering the chance to heal and am also a teacher of this skill.
  • A spiritual and life coach with regular clients all around the world.
  • Soul journeys taking my clients in to the past, the present and the future in order to resolve a multitude of unanswered questions bringing healing, releasing blockages, healing old wounds or generally helping clients to move into their life/souls path.
  • Author of the book “Parables of Life” An awakening Journey.  (Join our mailing list to get your free copy and four other awesome gifts.)
  • The author of a mini e-boek which can be freely downloaded via this and other sites entitled "Relationships" The Keys to the Golden Age. (December 2012)
  • Articles have been regularly published in well known world wide magazines.
  • Energy reports 2 to 3 times a month to assist readers in understanding what is happening in the NOW moment and why. Why not sign up for them and get 5 free special heart gifts from Ian. http://www.shambhala-oneness.net/uk/newsletter.htm
  • Visit or participate in fairs around the world delivering talks on a broad assortment of subjects.
  • During the years I have received a diverse selection of Seminars and workshops from the Ascended Masters to assist humanity in her ascension.
  • During the last few years I have also received healing or power/empowering symbols from the Ascended masters to assist humanity through the changes.
  • I have also received a selection of activations/meditations from the ascended masters. Those who have received the CD have but one thing to say.. WOW....
  • Recognized as a world wide authority on the subject of Twin Flames. I was blessed to have met my Twin Flame and though no longer in communication, we are always together in all that I do.
  • During the past few years, I have been guided to use the medium Youtube to assist humanity to understand what is required to step through the portal to oneness.
  • In April/May of 2009 a request was placed in front of us to update the information in a modality originally known as Shambhala reiki MDH attunements. It has now been live in Holland since September and it is proving to be an awesome tool to assist humanity to see through the illusion of ego consciousness and move into conscious consciousness and even god consciousness. The translations are now available in the English language.
  • Take a look at the coaching section, if you are experiencing challenges in your life? I am confident that I can help you.
  • Would you like to know more? Why not ask him directly via? ian@shambhala-oneness.net




Ian loves to travel and work with audiences from all walks of life and cultures.

Ian's sites. www.twinflames-twinsouls.net or his other great love (Shambhala): www.awakening-spirits.net and www.shambhala-oneness.net or www.lifespiritualcoaching.com