Workshop "The law of ONE-ness"
Re-discover  the REAL you.

This is our newest contribution to the elevation of humanities consciousness. We received it in June 2011 and the central theme is "Embodying your soul".

We have integrated a great deal into our energy system and we are moving continually further away from duality. The next step we believe is to embody our soul consciously being ONE with the soul here in the physical body.

The workshop contains: three phases:
Phase one is a presentation/talk containing the following three main themes;

1. Who are we? 2. Where are we now?  and 3. Where are we headed?
Question:    What are these three topics and how do we merge the three together?

1. Who are we?
-    What baggage are we still carrying around with us, labels, belief systems, etc.
-    What free choice do we have?


2. Where are we now? (A great deal of humanity has heard of most of these terms and are often even working with them)
-    Reiki.
-    The chakra's.
-    Karma! The karmic circle and karmic spiral!
-    Alternative healing systems.
-    Alternative eating i.e bio products.
-    The inner child, the ego and the true or real self.
-    The 100 monkey effect!

3. Where are we headed?
-    The expansion of our neurological pathways between the main brain centers!
-    A new method for transference of ever increasing higher information!
-    This duality universe and the grid surrounding it!
-    How can we best work with this so that all is connected to each other.
-    Mother Earth, our mother, our life goal and the experiences within duality.
-    Purging duality!  The first step to Oneness!  &  Embodying Oneness.
-    Meeting your true self! &  Merging yourself with your soul! 

-    Your unique creational power!
-    Your new vibrant health!
-    Your new life goals!


Phase two!

The step towards Oneness can be experienced during a new "inner journey" which at the end of the day we will guide you through.
We know with absolute certainty that the groups energy is a great deal more powerful. It is the participants choice to remain to travel this journey with us.
The experiences from people who have already done this with us are phenomenal!

Phase three!

We will discuss the effect the inner journey had on us and though Marjo and Ian provided the first steps in this new human journey!
We believe that as we discuss the events of the day and the inner journey, other members of the group will receive intuitive instructions, will then share them and
when they have an expansive value for the group we will all integrate them. The result of which and the potentials are mind-blowingly powerful.

If you are interested? Please contact us:
Because this workshop is extremely new, we do not have any dates or locations as of yet.

If you know of promoters in your country? Introduce them to this page and ask them to contact us.

In eternal love and Oneness,
Marjo van Weenen en Ian Henderson