By now you may well have received all of our heart gifts including the 70 plus educational videos? 

  What we wish to achieve with this page is an energy exchange with people who also run a website
and support with a warm heart our work. We wish to exchange links with our friends who are willing
to place our golden heart gifts image on their site and indirectly also promote our heart gifts.
 (see below for the image and html code)

A simple action though in truth it carries a great deal of potential for us all. By placing the Golden heart
on your site, you are indirectly helping us to get much more, insights, wisdom and information out to the world.
In this way you are helping to expand the collective consciousness and help us to call forth the golden age.


We have already started by adding the golden heart to all of our sites.

Here follow all the (english) sites that are already supporting us by placing the golden heart and sharing who they are with you!

Have you placed our golden heart on your site? Do you see your link here too? If not connect with us and let us know where you have placed it, we will place your link here:

Place this html code on your site. The image and link are already embedded in the code.
<td width="160">
<p align="center">
<a target="_blank" href="">
<img border="0" src="" width="170" height="159"></a></td>