Medical Intuitive

In a way I believe you will find my history as a medical intuitive quite comical. It developed naturally as I was giving so many SMDH attunements to so many people around the world that the skills grew and expanded. Using the kinetic method (scanning energy using the hands) I learned that I could get an accurate impression of what was going on in my clients energy field.

As I learned to ask the right questions I also realized that I was giving accurate readings of symptoms that were present inside my clients bodies and energy systems. I learned how to repair imbalances in chakras, meridians and the hara line. In the beginning I was amazed at the results we were getting from this, how much better my clients felt after doing this.

Eventually I also noticed that often times symptoms would re-appear after a period of time and I realized we had not gotten to the core route or source of the imbalances/illnesses. I learned through my guides how to delve into the lives or my clients histories. It quickly became apparent that by utilizing the "Freud/Jung" 7 year cycles of development that I could pinpoint accurately where the source lay. Through communication with my clients I became able to take them on a healing journey whether it be physical, emotional or mental issues. Always it resulted in an enriched and much more comfortable life for my clients.

At the time I was learning all of this you can imagine I was quite excited and thought I was being provided with something very new and unique. It was not until delivering talks in many different places and having developed/honed my skills that I was introduced to the term medical intuitive and that there had been others before me. One very prominent one being a very special lady called, Caroline Myss turned out to be an absolutely valuable source of information and I expanded even more on my skills as a medical intuitive.

I still often use this method when providing private sessions for my clients to help them move forward in their lives.

What delights me the most is that when we started bringing Shambhala Oneness through to the world we realized that using certain select methods of instructions that it would provide others with the basic skills to develop themselves into medical intuitive's.

Of course Shambhala Oneness has turned out to be so much more than an attunement, an education, a basic course for medical intuitive, it is also a basic course for people who would like to set up their own home practices as for instance a personal or life and spiritual coach.

If you are interested in working through, discovering the root cause of imbalances/illnesses in your life?
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