Oneness – Activation

“Merging of Shekinah and Yahweh”


The story goes that the goddess Shekinah left this universe to herald in the patriarchal cycle that the "ALL" wished to experience.
She had to say goodbye to her beloved Yahweh and it was a painful separation for the both of them.
Yahweh missed Shekinah and cried bitter tears until the moment arrived that she came back into his life.
Recently she returned to our universe to bring back the energies of Oneness and love.

By opening his whole being completely to her, new times are being birthed, times of love and re-emergence.
The two energies of Shekinah and Yahweh are increasingly melting together into Oneness and jointly they are Oneness.
This is happening within every living being here on earth!
It is birthing the new Golden Age of which so many now speak.

The Workshop Schedule:
(One day event)

*1st Activation *

1.     Meditation/activation to balance and merge the electric and magnetic energy in every chakra.
As well as firmly anchoring/connecting the hara line as a solid connection for the rest of this workshop.

*2nd Activation*

2.     Meditation/activation to let go of and transform all of the low frequency energies to the energies of Jeshua/Magdalena
(from duality to earthly mastery) in your energy system. This will lead to total liberation of earthly contradictions.
During this mediation we work with the energies of the 5 elements.

*3rd Activation*

3.     Meditation/activation to totally balance all the energy centers, help them flow freely within you and raise their frequency to receive the Oneness activation.
This is the first encounter with Shekinah and Yahweh (Oneness).
Here you will make the choice to leave all limitations, pain, fear etc. behind you and take the first steps towards Oneness.
Every participant receives a unique personal symbol which will, in co-operation with the central sun, clear your path for Oneness.

*4th Activation*

4.     Oneness activation which opens the flow to the merging of Shekinah and Yahweh in ONE within you.
This will take place on all levels, namely in the DNA, genetic/cellular, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
At the same time your cellular memory will be transformed and the Holy Grail and divine alchemy will be activated within you.
Your new choices will be placed in the matrix and empowered by Mother Earth.
Soul agreements may become visible, understood and even re-written.

*final sharing*

Advice on how to work with the symbolism is received after the 4th activation.


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Would you like to watch the video we made with a short preview of this workshop?

There is an essential significance to intergrating all that we have learned in our lives into our energy system, both positive and negative lessons. Due to circumstances we aren't always capable of totally freeing ourselves from old limiting life dramas, patterns and soul contracts. The “knowing and feeling” is there, but there is a missing link! Energetic releasing of old limiting life dramas, patterns and soul contracts from our whole energy system, at all levels, namely genetic/cellular, mental, physical and emotional. By participating in this workshop, the path to Oneness is cleared. A breakthrough! Indeed, because with these activations we release all facets of duality and we merge the Oneness energies at all levels. The energy of Shekinah, our “inner strength” and the energy of Yahweh, our “will power” are reunited at all levels.
This Oneness is as it was in the beginning, .... then came the experience of Duality through the fall through density.... Now we are ready to return to Oneness.

The only thing that is required from you is to choose for Oneness, total liberation from Duality. Recently (July 2010) we received tools to activate this. Those who have made the choice to totally balance all contradictions within themselves, to let go of Duality and to choose Oneness in all facets and at all levels will be assisted to do so.

The sequence in which the Oneness activation takes place is as follows:
Mental: Everything begins with a thought. The power of the thought is the seed to consciousness. The thought guides our bodies in our health and the experiences we live.

Emotional: Every feeling felt by a thought draws the thought to us in order to experience it. Fear will draw fearful experiences; love or happy thoughts will draw love and happy experiences to us. The emotion is connected to the thought. Every thought follows an emotion and every emotion follows a thought. It is in this connection that balance becomes vitally important, bringing thought and emotion into a balanced state.

Physical: Because body and mind are inseparable our bodies also respond to our thoughts and emotions. We often use the expression; “You are the captain of your vessel”. In this case it is absolutely true; our bodies follow the instructions of our thoughts. With our thoughts and emotions we are programming our physical body. When we are willing and able to accept and see the truth of this we can begin to make changes, release old patterns and programming which in turn will allow the physical body to receive its fullest quotient of energy and you will find yourself returning to a healthier state of being.

Cellular/genetic: Here lie our soul agreements that we brought into this life cycle with us. These programs are soul agreements which lead to extraordinary life experiences/lessons. When at some point we can see what those are and understand the why and the benefit for the soul from these agreements, we can simply also release those. Added to that we must not forget that during our lives through experiences with others for instance, parents, school, college, etc, we have built up belief systems that are also stored here and they too guide us through our lives, rightly or wrongly. These can also be transformed once we see through them on all levels. One of the most important results is that we have seen through the dualistic reasons behind them and therefore the lessons have been learned!

DNA: The memory bank of our body and soul where all information is stored from the beginning of time. Together all of our DNA strands contain all of our information and forms a collective consciousness memory. By activating this level every cell has the opportunity to be reprogrammed to its original state.

The sequence we have followed in these activations is important in order to be able to see through the illusion of duality and to release its control on us, opening a path to the oneness field. It is important that all levels are taken and worked on, step by step so that limitations are released from our whole energy system. If any blockages remain let’s say in a dormant state within us, they can reactivate again in the future.

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In light and love, Marjo van Weenen and Ian Henderson.

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Experiences from participants, after this one day workshop: 20-21 november 2010  Click here: