Our experiences and new insights on the 20th and 21st of November
in the Oneness Activation Workshop.

1. The illusion of time!
2. The powerful experience of merging with our soul splinters!
3. Insights into changing the grand end result of this awesome life experience!
4. Becoming whole on the mental, emotional, physical, cellular, genetic and DNA levels!
5. Powerful inner child activation!
6. 2012 is NOW!

What an unbelievably powerful experience we had at our friend’s center with all of the participants on both the 20th and the 21st of November. It was beautiful and very special how the weekend unfolded.

The 1st day played out in predominantly the electrical energy, the male aspect, Yahweh. This was made clear by the amount of explaining we gave over what was to take place during the day.

Ian: Yet again we received proof that we cannot do this alone and that it is being done eventually by all beings on Mother Earth. In the end it is all about oneness, right! Well, we sure did experience this throughout the two days in many different ways. Marjo and I laughed often about how we were receiving each other’s thoughts. We then shared them with the participants.

We could see clearly how the male experienced it differently than the female participants. On both days it was as if the females were experiencing birthing again. It was awesome to watch how the four phases were played out. We could see very clearly how old blockages or old programs were being made visible and understood what the expansion value was for the soul and finally released. It is always painful to watch how our dear friends wrestle with this and yet because we know how much freedom it creates by doing so, we were able to keep a distance and simply pour lots of love into them, allowing them to go through the process. We do this because we know that it will create a breakthrough for them in their personal journeys.

Marjo: Noteworthy was that there were two highly conscious men taking part the first day and afterwards I enjoyed a short conversation with them. One of them is a very gifted physicist and he especially intrigued me. He talked about his book and research with a group of Americans. Their theories from a scientific point of view were about the subject “time”. Time does not exist!!!
How many times have we written about that very comment? Time is an illusion and often before me I see a “line” whereupon every timeline can be observed, the Amazon era, pre-history, Lemuria, Atlantis, etc. It is an inner knowing from my higher self and I visualize thereby a certain image in my mind when I hear “Step on the line”. Recently that has been happening frequently. In the beginning I didn’t quite understand what was expected of me, but thankfully I do now.  Cool huh? When I step on this line I can make contact with other splinters of my soul that are currently in other dimensions or timelines. (For most, this would be referred to as past lives; though Marjo and Ian no longer believe past lives exist. They understand that they are currently running alongside this one now.) I see that these splinters are experiencing similar events as I am now and they are teaching me something. I am more able to make conscious choices now. I am remembering my God-self here on earth.  I see how by my choices in this body in this NOW moment, I am making changes in situations in other splinters/timelines.  

This was a very interesting conversation and suddenly the veils seemed to dissipate. We could both see images showing us how everything is happening all at the same time, and through our choices made in the physical now we can change history or the end result in any of these time lines we connect to, i.e., Lemuria, Atlantis, etc. Not too long ago I wrote an article over my experiences as an Amazon which I still feel strongly connected to and have had several visions of. In one of those visions I observed what was happening after making a particular choice. This splinter of my soul, a leader of an Amazon tribe, looked into the eyes of one of her victims and at that moment she suddenly knew she wanted just one thing, LOVE. What she was doing previously had nothing to do with love! Suddenly she had made a different choice; she cut her victim free and kissed him. In making this different choice I realized I had set us free and we withdrew to the mountains.

I experienced this approximately 3 years ago and I remember that at the time I was asking myself why I was so unfriendly and often vicious towards males. When I asked the question; “Why am I reacting this way?” this particular splinter appeared and I made a new choice. Three years ago this Amazon left her tribe and lived on top of a mountain closed off from the world. I realized that I, too, had been doing exactly the same in order to heal myself of painful experiences.

Not too long ago I read a book that triggered so many memories that I decided to merge with this splinter again. We came down from the mountain and found a safe place within a community so she was among people again.

On Saturday I merged with the splinter again and I looked for changes that might have taken place in those few short weeks. Unbelievably this splinter of my soul has bonded with the people in her community. She visits with the Amazon warriors and shares her story. She is sharing her insights whereby change is taking place in her old tribe and there is a great deal more peace. So clearly there is a new version of history is being written NOW in this moment. The love this splinter is sharing with her tribe is encouraging each Amazon to allow LOVE to flow. That is what I saw and my face was alight and beaming this Saturday.

Yes, our choices here on earth are having an influence on our soul splinters and the collective consciousness and as a result all known history has the ability to change and it is we that are doing it.
In choosing for love here on earth, our soul splinters are being filled with love and the result is that there is much less violence, combat or power struggles…………. What an experience… Wow!!!

We all know that as we change ourselves. We offer the chance of change to our surroundings and most definitely to the souls/people we are closely connected to. The energy that you exude is being absorbed in their energy fields and they are being touched. They too may then choose to make different choices. When you choose for yourself to “live a life of love”, your energy field changes and magical things start to happen, not only on a personal level, but also on a collective level, reaching as far as other time lines. Ultimately we are now starting to recognize and prove we are indeed all connected.

The young man I had been having this conversation with, offered the example of a large truck fully loaded with marbles that has slowly but surely become entrapped in the mud and can move no further. Every time one of us takes out one of those marbles we are making the truck lighter and the truck will move again. The more marbles we collectively can take out of the proverbial truck the lighter it becomes and it will be able to continue, completing its journey. This is symbolic for the times we are living in right now. We can sink deeper into the lower energies of ego or we can all choose to help to raise all our energies. Every single light source is important to the collective continually making everything lighter. 

It was at this moment that I saw my soul splinter in Atlantis. Shakira (gratitude) is her name. I often work together with this splinter. She is highly developed in energy and health working in a medical institute where special energy techniques is used to achieve higher states of health for all humanity on all levels, emotional, mental, physical, cellular, genetic and DNA.

This sequence is important and I realized that during the past few years I have subconsciously been repeating the sequence with the studies I have followed in this life. Somehow my development has taken place connected to this thought from that particular splinter. The power of the thought is a seed to new consciousness. That was the explanation I received during our Oneness activation for the way we have been giving these workshops too. In a moment I will explain why.

Once, Shakira wished to flee the ego and power struggle that was taking place in Atlantis, just as it is now in our time line. However, with her meeting a very special person she found the strength to stay. The lack of recognition of the power and role of the female weighed heavily upon her. Many did flee from this struggle and this too is taking place in our time line. The knowledge, wisdom and insights she developed through her introversion is far too often being drowned out by the loud extrovert voice of the power crazed ego. When both can find balance anything is possible. Feelings work together with thoughts so ever greater heights can be achieved. The holy trinity is the clue to Oneness.

I feel extremely grateful for the experiences and the meetings of kindred spirits Saturday/Sunday.
The flow of both energies between Ian and I was awesome. We complemented and completed each other, leading the participants into the field of Oneness, Ian in his unique way and I in mine. The teamwork and the exchanged energy dance was yet again a grand party.

Ian: Saturdays experiences for the most part took place predominantly in the electrical energy. (male)…
On these two days of oneness activation the 3rd activation proved yet again to be the most powerful, each different and unique, yet unbelievably powerful and perfectly tuned for the energies (people) that were present. The 3rd activation is where the true activation and the magic begins. Having said that, it is no magic wand! That too has been proven via the previous events; we all do need to work on the changes we most desire. After the work, the magic begins to flow. Activating Lady Gaia within us, the kundalini coupled with the seven rays of creation, the re-awakening of the sacred and magical alchemy glands, expanding the higher heart chakra and reconnecting the three most powerful glands within the head made for some very high vibrational experiences and will remain with us now and forever, always seeking to expand us in all we do. We know that this is also expanding the use of our brains from our limited ten percent to ever greater expansions, but now also in harmony with the heart.

The holy-grail was tangible and was felt by all. The explosion of light and energy towards the end raised the energy of all present, preparing them to enter the field of oneness and feel ONENESS to their own highest potential, not just for this one experience but for all time as they continue to work with their activations. The raising of the energies was felt by both groups, but with the second group we had to adapt by releasing a lot of old energy during the activation because it had become otherwise too overwhelming for some of the group. There sure was a lot of puffing and blowing going on. The crescendo at the end was like a finely tuned and well practiced orchestra, very high and very powerful, so much so that it even surprised Marjo and I. One thing is for sure, we are very curious as to the changes that will take place in the coming days and weeks for our participants.

During several conversations Saturday we received new insights with regards to the illusion of time. I later heard from Marjo that she too had had conversations with two specific young men along similar lines. This was a fantastic experience for me personally. We had discussed a book that had been brought out by one of them written about planet X. After exchanging both scientific and spiritual thoughts, we looked at different time lines and how folks can tap into them to receive information. We talked about how some of those time lines had become outdated and even transformed. A part of the conversation was about the question of whether we could change the past or history as we know it from what we were taught, for instance. We talked for a little while about the two world wars and how in the end they had contributed to a huge leap in humanities consciousness and even though there were many atrocities, it has resulted in humanities advancement for the greatest good of all.

We began talking about past lives and how we no longer believe in them and that we regard them as splinters of our soul in other timelines or dimensions that we are learning to interact and work with for all our mutual expansion. I started to tell about my experiences in Atlantis and the role I played therein, or perhaps I should say AM playing!!!

Yes, playing NOW, because of what I have seen from the choices I am making in this physical body, the main splinter, I am actually noticing how changes are taking place in those other timelines / dimensions. While I was talking about it, I suddenly realized that the fall of Atlantis will not necessarily take place and the reason for that is the choices I make now in this body are making changes there. Wow! What a revelation that was.  I turned to the two young men and said to them that I wished to retract my previous doubts around my previous statement about probably not being able to change the past. I now feel that this too was a part of our illusion that we ourselves are holding on to by focusing our thoughts in directions we were taught. Now I am quite certain that we can indeed change the past as we know it, because I have personally experienced it. This experience was enough to change my perceptions about the solidity of the past.

Sunday’s experiences took place predominantly in the magnetic energy (female), quite different but no less powerful. It was more of a day of silence and more introversion. Each participant was much more focused on the inside, the Shekinah principle where the Saturday experiences were more focused on the extrovert energy of Yahweh. On Sunday words appeared to be less necessary. Feeling was more prominently present and this too provided us with extremely magical experiences.

Marjo: The intensity on this day was extremely high and almost all of the participants experiences were not unlike birthing as they moved through duality energies and into oneness. During the moments that the Shekina energies birthed (became free) is when miracles started to happen.
What a power, what an energy!!!

Merging with Yahweh can only be described by saying “wooowwww”!  This was Oneness-Kundalini of a power that we have never before experienced and it gave us all wings. The funny thing here is, I remember thinking that while I was young I always wanted to be a midwife. Now, on this magical day I got my wish, hahahaha With all my heart and soul I assisted and with all the puffing and blowing that was going on it certainly felt that way. It was truly magical how one blockage after another was broken through and with two of the ladies I was right by their side encouraging them. Both had been holding on to really old blockages for a very long time and as the tears flowed it was a beautiful experience to see how they broke free. I felt absolutely blessed to be a part of their experience and there was a whole lot of hugging going on afterwards. We feel that there is a deep soul connection with each other after this experience.  

Ian led the group with his words and his energy, I with feelings and intuition. Occasionally we would exchange the roles. It made us feel complete and it made for a very powerful combination in oneness. I know I am repeating myself, but I really and truly do feel blessed to be able to do this.

The sequence in which the Oneness activation takes place is as follows:

Mental: Everything begins with a thought. The power of the thought is the seed to consciousness. The thought guides our bodies in our health and the experiences we live.

Emotional: Every feeling felt by a thought draws the thought to us in order to experience it. Fear will draw fearful experiences; love or happy thoughts will draw love and happy experiences to us. The emotion is connected to the thought. Every thought follows an emotion and every emotion follows a thought. It is in this connection that balance becomes vitally important, bringing thought and emotion into a balanced state.

Physical: Because body and mind are inseparable our bodies also respond to our thoughts and emotions. We often use the expression; “You are the captain of your vessel”. In this case it is absolutely true; our bodies follow the instructions of our thoughts. With our thoughts and emotions we are programming our physical body. When we are willing and able to accept and see the truth of this we can begin to make changes, release old patterns and programming which in turn will allow the physical body to receive its fullest quotient of energy and you will find yourself returning to a healthier state of being.

Cellular/genetic: Here lie our soul agreements that we brought into this life cycle with us. These programs are soul agreements which lead to extraordinary life experiences/lessons. When at some point we can see what those are and understand the why and the benefit for the soul from these agreements, we can simply also release those. Added to that we must not forget that during our lives through experiences with others for instance, parents, school, college, etc, we have built up belief systems that are also stored here and they too guide us through our lives, rightly or wrongly. These can also be transformed once we see through them on all levels. One of the most important results is that we have seen through the dualistic reasons behind them and therefore the lessons have been learned!

DNA: The memory bank of our body and soul where all information is stored from the beginning of time. Together all of our DNA strands contain all of our information and forms a collective consciousness memory. By activating this level every cell has the opportunity to be reprogrammed to its original state.

The sequence we have followed in these activations is important in order to be able to see through the illusion of duality and to release its control on us, opening a path to the oneness field. It is important that all levels are taken and worked on, step by step so that limitations are released from our whole energy system. If any blockages remain let’s say in a dormant state within us, they can reactivate again in the future. Even while writing this we are being told also that another important activation needs to take place to complete the whole and it is the activation or expansion of the inner child. We have noticed that many are challenged when it comes to the section where the inner child is required in order to allow Oneness to flow. Recently I worked with this activation on myself when I was faced with the question; “Why does my inner child not want to play?” As we know, once the inner child is willing to participate, insights and tools follow as a natural process so that we can return to joy in a playful and curious state of being. The results are beautiful and freeing! We will come back to this at some point in the future.

Ian:  I personally now truly do believe that the more people we can reach with this oneness activation the more powerful our creational skills are. I now also understand more what my guides once explained to me when they said we are literally walking backwards through our creations now. Where in the past we created from the ego and power perspective, not for the greatest good of all, we are now walking through those creations again only now we are working more and more in Love and for the benefit of our collective humanity. In doing so we are making changes and creating for the greater good of the ALL.

In truth I trust/hope that the participants will offer their experiences in due time back to us so that we may share them with you.

What I would like to offer in closing is a wonderful little miracle that took place for us after this weekend event. Thanks to the participation of our host and our guests we were able to move away from the thought that this “Oneness activation” could not be led by anyone else other than Marjo and I. For the first time ever, our host came back with the idea to organize follow up evenings whereby the groups can come back and work through the activations one by one together. By offering this she showed us that the groups dynamics will repeat the activations, one each evening and be able to relive them together. They will have more time to discuss the experiences and follow the collective progress by sharing with each other.  This is such an awesome revelation that we will most certainly be doing all can within our power to assist her and guide her from the sidelines. We already see the potential for creating even more oneness by doing this. After discovering that this would be possible I had a vision: This vision showed me how little circles of oneness was growing all throughout Holland, everywhere where we had been to lead the activations was the center of one of the circles. These circles grew and started to merge together creating even more oneness as they expanded. It is our sincerest hope that promoters abroad will be touched by this plan and will invite us to their countries whereby creating more circles of oneness around the world.
In light and oneness love, Ian and Marjo

We have a special request in closing: If everyone is willing to take one of those marbles out of the truck, it will make it a whole lot lighter. The more this happens the easier it will be for the truck to continue its journey. Metaphorically this means that the more people who are willing and able to work on themselves through this oneness activation, the bigger the difference we can make in the collective consciousness.

Note: The main purpose of our sharing this the way we have; "our experiences" was to share new experiences that do feel right for us, as always we ask YOU to use your own discernment. We also realize that it is quite possible once you have read it, at the very least you have received food for thought! We also want to emphasize that even if "splinters"  instead of past lives is a new concept? The whole point here is that it is time for us all to live in the NOW moment, make choices based on LOVE and if possible for the greatest good of all concerned. In doing so, whether you are conscious of the splinters or not! Trust that you too are making a difference. YOU are as much a part of this ONENESS game!!!

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