A selection of experiences from our participants in the workshop of 8-8-2010

I quickly and easily slipped deeply into the meditation and therefore experienced most of it on a subconscious level. That applied for all 4 of the meditations/activations. I feel that I now experience love with others much more closely than ever before. It is almost as if I can fall in love in the blink of an eye if I am open to it. It certainly worked with at least one of the other participants. Cool huh!. I also noticed that within our family when some slight irritations arose from one of the children I was able to view it from a different perspective. The irritations were aimed at my girlfriend, the mother of the children. He felt that his mother had to change, but I see that more as his own problem. A lack of love I think. HUGS... John

I am writing my experiences from Sunday up to today Tuesday 8 p.m.
During my trip home after the event I noticed how my ego was demanding my attention. I also noticed how I felt as if I had been out in the sun all day, my skin was hot and felt like sunburn. (It still feels hot even now 2 days later) I tried to use my personal symbol to get things under control, but the harder I tried the worse it got. Old patterns repeatedly came to the surface. One advantage was that I was able to sleep very deeply Sunday and Monday though I did notice that I seemed to be vibrating all the time. It feels as if I am being lifted to a higher vibration. I followed the advice to drink as much water as possible, I didn't eat any meat. Today it feels as if I am still absorbing all that took place on Sunday. I feel that there is more to come, more old patterns coming to the surface to be dealt with and I am grateful for that because I am absolutely confident that it is now for good.
I experienced the whole event as wonderful, fantastic even. I feel that today is the first day of my new life, my new me. In between my daily duties I am trying to get as much rest as possible and spend time observing what is happening within me. Funnily enough I am also experiencing high sensitivity to loud noise. To compensate I am listening to a lot of classical or peaceful music. Thanks for reminding me of the spiral, I had forgotten about that and it is working for me. I am very curious as to what else lies ahead of me, but I am content and I will embrace every experience. I am sure I have forgotten some details and I will get back with you with those when I can. I wish to thank you Marjo and Ian for this wonderful experience and also Hans of course for finding the space to hold the event on such short notice. Of course we don't want to forget to thank the T.E.A.M. and all the wonderful guides who were clearly enjoying the event as much as we all were. Greetings and love... Luc.

I would love to share the piece I wrote on the train after the workshop, because it reflects my excitement about the day: 
Oh my God, I'm on the train, radiating and glowing for ten, and I don't care who sees me. I'm completely happy, now and now and now. Everything fits. Everything's perfectly all right. During the meditations I felt this feeling coming to the surface (I wanted to laugh out loud and cheer) and now it's actually filling me. When people look at me they must think I'm madly in Love. It feels like it, but different. For the first time in my life it feels like I'm enough, like I don't need anybody. That I'm secure with myself. I don't need rescuing anymore. I'm my own partner, I'm my own completion, obtained in unity. I want to cheer, laugh, dance and share! But who now surrounding me understands this? It doesn't matter, this will come soon enough, I can feel it, and then I'll be able to share, unite and duplicate until eternity! To think that this is just the beginning. The veil has just been slightly lifted. It got me thinking.. what do I want? I want everything :). Why? Because I'm worth it. It feels like I've been working towards this workshop for months. And it was the boost I was looking for. I now have the courage to do what I've been wanting to do for months. Up till now I was to insecure. From the bottom of my Heart I thank you, the Team and myself for making this wonderful experience possible. With Love, Verenia.

Thank you both again for this very special day. I was extremely touched by the loving way you worked together and with the group, I enjoyed every single moment. A very powerful moment was when I received my personal symbol both in my etherical as my physical body. All of the cells in and around my 3rd chakra had a hard time of it for a while, there was so much going on there, releasing and activations. This morning I felt how my shadow side came to the surface for a brief moment but as I observed it and gave it space, time and love, it quickly disappeared. In its place I felt how love for myself, a strength I have never experienced before and a deep strong determination to continue creating "New Earth Remedies." I can feel how these essences are connected to the whole of my being and though I have quite a way to go before the are ready, I am totally confident now that I will achieve that goal. Much Love... Rian

I also wish to share my experiences from Sunday. I feel very warm inside and very much in balance. I did not have any negative experiences with releasing, I simply feel all fuzzy and very relaxed, at peace with myself. I do feel occasionally suddenly tired, but as I surrender to it, I a at peace with that too. The whole day was one of serenity for me and I know I am still anchoring it inside me now all in a very loving way. I am very curious as to what else is ahead of me as I continue to work daily with what we were given. I wish to thank the whole group for a very special experience and day, especially Ian, Marjo and Hans. Lots of love, Astrid.

I found the whole experience very special. Thank you Marjo, Ian and all the participants!!!
I enjoyed every single moment. After the event there was a lot of old stuff came to the surface and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to release them. I feel really good today and I slept very deeply and peacefully. I did wake up still feeling tired but I am feeling better than great now. (If that is even possible hahaha...)
I have been working with all kinds of spiritual things for more than thirty years now and even so, there is still deep levels of old stuff to work out. Time has nothing to do with it. One person might take a few years and by another many years :) I had a lot of problems with my solar plexus but I believe it has been set free. I will most definitely recommend the Oneness Activation to others and I will be working on organizing another event with you both. Marjo and Ian, this was just the beginning, a small part of what eventually be a whole lot of Oneness. Lots of love from Lunteren... Hans.

I experienced Sunday as a very warm and positive happening. At first I didn't know what to think of it all, working with a group of strangers like this but I have to say I loved every moment. Very warm and loving people. During the meditation/activation where our symbol would be revealed, I saw a unicorn which because I found it very cliché I sent it back. A short while later even deeper in the meditation, I stepped onto the bridge again to receive my symbol and there he was again. This time I realized this was what was meant to be for me in this moment so I accepted it this time.
Monday and Tuesday I went through the meditations again, I also placed my hands on my face and let Shambhala energy flow through them. It was unbelievable how quickly and deeply I fell into a deep meditation. I felt Yahweh and Shekina's presence on either side of me and they lifted me up onto my unicorn. I traveled to many places and had some awesome experiences. My unicorn brought me very rapidly to where ever it was I was meant to be and what ever it was i was meant to experience. While doing the meditations again on Wednesday evening I felt a massive blast of energy enter my crown chakra, wow! That was an awesome feeling. I know that I am going to be using this a lot to help me move forward. Ian and Marjo, thank you for this super experience and Hans, thanks for arranging a place to hold it at such short notice. Warm hugs from Eugene...

Thank you all for having the courage to join us for this special day and especially for having the courage to share your personal experiences with us and the rest of the world.
Since the event almost two weeks ago now, we have spoken with several of you and are hearing that the experiences continue te expand and that you are loving them.
Lots of love and warm heart hugs,
Ian and Marjo
PS: A special thank you to Hans for arranging a great place to hold the event on such short notice and taking care of the beverages. We look forward to doing it again whenever you are ready. Just let us know when and where and we will be there...