Invitation to promoters & managers/owners of centers or lists etc

Recently you might have heard of our "Oneness Activation Workshop".
You have had the opportunity to read information on the previous page: under the link "Oneness Activation".

Under that link you had the opportunity to watch a video, read how we were led to set this workshop up and share in the experiences from participants and ourselves.

Under all those links you will have felt how powerful this "Oneness Activation" experience is!

Perhaps you have a large client or mailing list, you promote activities, you own a wellness center, or perhaps you are connected with a group of people that after sharing this information with them wish to experience the "Oneness Activation" for themselves?

Our guides have whispered into our ears that we are going to be very busy sharing this workshop and it certainly looks as if it is heading that way.
We would love to travel to your part of the world to share this  "Oneness Activation" with you and your guests.

Are you interested in working together to bring this to your part of the world.
Contact us via  or call us via:
+31-75-6230043 or +31-654704663

Much love and many blessings ALWAYS in all ways,
Ian and Marjo