Shambhala Oneness
Ian V. Henderson and Marjo van Weenen

As a student of Shambhala Oneness you probably have by now viewed between 1 and 70 videos. When you’ve been touched by the exercises and meditations and allowed them to guide you step-by-step, you will experience a progressive process from beginning to end. For starters we have freed ourselves from old and limiting connections with the help of two beautiful beings by the name of Michael and Lady Faith. By freeing ourselves we have made ourselves ready for the processes that becomes available after this.  

A lot of the videos contain information and tips to assist humans in realizing their highest potential. They contain activations which are received on a conscious and subconscious level by the 4 bodies. It becomes very clear that the videos reach the topic of the journey of our divine soul in our earthly body. Furthermore light is shed on why we are here and where we are going as humans on a collective scale. Some information might be new while other information might already been known. However, ‘Shambhala Oneness’ will be an ascension crash course for a lot of people. At the very least they will absorb the information in the mental body. The activations which take place in the DNA will make sure that these will be integrated further with a speed which is adapted to the student. The ultimate goal is to return to Oneness. 

In the videos we also discuss the energy of 8 symbols and what the purpose is of these energies as well as some written materials provided by Marjo and Ian. After watching and processing these symbols it becomes clear that ‘Oneness’ is the purpose portrayed on many distinguishable levels. In this we also find a progressive expansion. The infinity symbols are present in all of them. It starts out with just 1 infinity symbol and is followed by 2, 3, 8, 36, 72 and 144. These symbols clearly demonstrate the ability to balance out and therefore serve the purpose of achieving ‘Oneness’. We recommend printing these symbols, plasticizing them and wear them on your body. You will experience for yourself how the powerful energies will affect you personally. When you feel that a certain symbol is too much for you at that moment, you can put it aside and choose and work with one of the other symbols.  

We have discussed the four levels of consciousness which are: the primal consciousness, the ego consciousness, the consciousness which is aware and the divine consciousness. When we take a close look at the world we will soon realize that most of the people choose to experience this world from their ego consciousness. One of the purposes of the Shambhala energies is to assist everybody who is willing to receive to at least make the ascension from the ego consciousness to the consciousness which is aware. As a result it will become visible that more and more people who belonged to this group will be able to live and make decisions from their hearts. People are now aware they have a choice in how they personally can experience the events that are placed on their path. Equipped with this mindset people are able to recognize and appreciate the lessons, which are agreements made in a pre-carnation period and are presented to them to assist in further expansion. They are continuously reflecting everything that is being experienced and work with the information gained from this perception. This is being done to make higher vibrational decisions which not only benefits themselves, but also benefits the collective consciousness.  

Another topic which is being touched upon is that we are all ‘ONE’ and that competitive behavior will vanish from the lower ego consciousness. There is no longer need for competition and room for egocentric feelings. This clearly demonstrates that the individual has reached the level of consciousness that is aware and therefore more and more is connected to the reality in which you ‘reap what you sow’. We realize that when we withhold something from others we in fact withhold something from ourselves and therefore we will stop doing this eventually. Wherever we appear at an event we love to ask our public if they are ‘givers or receivers’. Most of the people spontaneously respond that they are more of a ‘giver’ than a ‘receiver’. To this we respond with another question, we ask them: “If we were all ‘givers’ who would be left to give to, since all the ‘receivers’ are gone?” This makes abundantly clear that this should also be balanced when we prepare to ascend to the divine level, the level in which we are all conscious ‘Creators of our own Reality’. 

In the beginning it will be difficult to find a balance between ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’, however the more we work with this knowledge the more progress we make to attain and maintain the divine consciousness vibration level. The rising of the degree of light and vibration level will lead us to a level which will make it possible to experience what is now called miracles. When this possibility is understood and fully realized, we fill ourselves with more and more light which will manifest itself as amazing breakthroughs in the field of health, wellness and others fields. The more light we are able to absorb and manifest, the more we will be able to heal each other. In the end everything consists of energy and because we are able to work with higher energies, we will be able to raise the lower energy level to a higher one. We will heal purely with our intention and our Divine Love. 

When we were asked by Germain to write all of this down, we at first couldn’t make out what purpose it served, but after some time we were able to see the pattern here. That pattern is very clearly ‘Oneness’. This not only applies to the realization that we are all ‘ONE’, but also new and profound aspect are the choices we make in our lives. To experience our journey to the maximum potential, we have divided our soul into separate fragments, which we will dub ‘lives in other timelines’. We have learned that we are multidimensional beings as well as interdimensional beings. The actual reunion of the fragments comes together with lots of gifts. This process not only reunites the separate fragments, but also facilitates in our expansion and the collective consciousness. This is the most energizing part of this process. During this process we will experience new and sometimes unbelievable things, but we will regard these experiences more and more as being normal.
Shambhala Oneness is a journey filled with new experiences, choices and expansion.  

Everybody has their own unique experience and personal journey, it is essential to trust that what is meant for you will be received by you. Open up to these new energies and experiences and we assure you that it will be a journey you will never regret or forget. It is a journey filled with gifts which you will receive at the very moment you choose to receive them. Oneness is a balance between duality which you integrate within yourself. Everybody has their own balance, their own unique mission and their own contract to experience right here and NOW. Make sure you live here and NOW, make your decisions that feel good NOW and know that you can make a new decision every moment. From the perspective of the universe there is no such thing as bad choices, there can only be choices. These choices always serve a higher purpose and make sure that highly important lessons are presented to us. These lessons remind us who we truly are, we are ‘spiritual beings experiencing an earthly existence’. Without this experience it is impossible to make choices and without choices we won’t be able to realize expansion. This concludes the circle of Oneness. Make your decisions based on your heart and feelings to ground Oneness into the earth which is our collective mission here and now up until the year 2012. We will experience Heaven within our hearts and manifest this on earth.