“Yahweh and Shekinah history” as we experienced it!

 For clarity's sake up front: In our sharing we talk about certain time lines, though when you view the story from the other side it has nothing to do with time. It has more to do with how we arrived at a vibration where we were able to receive it.

[Ian] About 5 or 6 years ago I was working with my guides through my inner communication channels over symbols they were providing me with. Of course back then I still didn’t know that it was going to make such a huge difference in my future and my journey, let alone that of so many others, nor did I know back then what an energetic effect the symbols were to have for humanity. It was during one of these sessions that they asked me if I would be willing to meet with a special being. When they told me who it was I was initially a little bit scared. {I replied} “Me?” Stand in front of such a powerful being? Yikes! I didn’t know whether I would dare do that or not. This being was “Yahweh” and was according to many writings the God of this universe.

Anyway, as often is with their requests, I just needed a little time to get used to the idea and of course I eventually agreed. This was the first time I had ever stood in front of such a powerful being and especially one who is credited with the initial creation of our universe and this grand experiment. I was understandably somewhat nervous. (An understatement as I remember my knees knocking)
In my inner vision he was magnificent and so huge and in comparison I was so tiny and insignificant. Yet as I stood for a while in front of this magnificent being, I suddenly started to feel an enormous surge of love.

We stood for a while simply observing each other and I remember at a certain point our eyes met directly. What happened inside me at that moment cannot be described fully with words and every time I do try to share this experience with others I am always visibly overcome with emotion. (Tears flow even as I am writing this now)

Now remember, it was in this phase of my own life that I was doing deep research into twin flames.
As soon as I looked into his eyes, I got the huge sensation something was missing and the feelings  of pain I was experiencing we excruciatingly indescribable. In the very next moment I felt a connection with him as our essences merged into oneness and though it might have only lasted a second our two it seemed like it was forever. Everything he saw, felt, experienced and remembered, I did too. In that instant I remembered the agreement we made so that this grand experiment/experience with the ALL could take place for this universe.

In order to give this grand experience a chance at success YAHWEH had to say goodbye to his beloved other half. (again the tears flow down my cheeks) The connection we had in that moment brought everything back to the surface in his memory and he knew immediately what he had to do. It was as if at that moment we were totally one with each other and somehow all my research had triggered something inside him. Had we agreed upon this so very, very long ago? I have no other explanation. All of his memories flooded back in and his face changed from pain to absolute delight and JOY. He knew that the time had come to go find his beloved and away he went leaving me with an indescribable feeling of gratitude and love. He vanished from in front of me, leaving me behind with a vertiginous feeling and a whole heap of questions.

It was not until a few years later when we were working on bringing a new healing modality through and offering it to one of the first groups when YAHWEH showed up again. However, to be able to share this part of the inner journey, I will offer this part to my partner Marjo.

 (Marjo), September 2009. This day was planned so that we could initiate a new Group of students in to the energy’s of Shambhala Oneness, Level 1. I was feeling very dizzy, a feeling that steadily increased. So I decided to go inside in order to prepare myself for the initiation when something truly magical took place. I was asked if I would follow them and as I accepted the invitation I noticed how excited and curious I felt. I recognized this feeling because during the last few months we have met and worked with some very magnificent beings. I followed this beautiful being and eventually came to an arch covered with a diversity of flowers. It felt as if I were standing at the entrance of paradise.

I was invited to enter and as I did I was confronted with the most beautiful scenery imaginable. In front of me stood a being of breath-taking beauty, glowing with her magnificent radiance and I asked who she was: “I am Shekinah. Please join me” , she replied. I was totally amazed at the wonderful colors I was seeing. An opalescent pink danced before my eyes as I walked towards her. She drew me into her energy and began to explain who she was and what she represented. She told how she is the Goddess/female energy and as such she represents our inner strength, our all-encompassing unconditional love and beauty. She gave me a symbol, which we now know as the Oneness Symbol and a title of a book we would be writing: “The awakening of Shekinah, Our Inner Strength.” She shared how it would be the beginning of a trilogy. She continued to fill me with her energy and then offered to introduce me to her beloved. Yahweh!

This is the energy of the GOD/male energy. This breath-taking bluish field of energy came closer and eventually merged with us. I was placed right in the middle of them. My goodness gracious! This was the most unbelievable experience I have ever had. Shekinah and Yahweh told me this was to be our new project, bringing forth on earth the merging of the two as being the last step towards total oneness.

Ian, with his eyes closed had been able to watch what I had experienced.  And all excited, I of course, wanted to share briefly with him as by now the participants of the Shambhala Oneness initiation were arriving.

As we continued with the initiation that day each and every one of us perceived a fragrance of a multitude of flowers. This was the energy of Shekinah. We also received information about the twelve-pointed star during this initiation and it was shared with us as a metaphor for the star of Bethlehem with which she is also connected to. This star lights up our path/journey and brightens our darkness that requires enlightenment. The twelve-pointed star that up to now had often been mentioned but had not been described in such a way. Together we received the secrets behind this symbolism and have worked it into a meditation that has proven very valuable already to many.

A few days later while we were chatting on the phone Ian shared with me the experience that he had had with Yahweh all those years ago and as we were talking we felt how the energies of Shekina and Yahweh were very present and we felt how they assisted us to merge our energies into theirs essentially remembering how we are also a part of them. The power, the joy, the love in that moment was breathtaking. We are so very humble and grateful that we were able to experience this together and that it is time for us to share it with the world that is ready to hear. It has brought us in a flow that is assisting us to ascend, to make choices from love, growth and to understand the key to Oneness.

In a very short space of time since then we have received so many answers to the question: “Why is it so difficult for most to leave duality behind, and to step fully into oneness?” One of the main reasons is that Shekinah, the introvert energy, is and that Yahweh, the extrovert energy, is and both must be seen and understood for what they are so that we can consciously make the choice to leave duality behind and to step fully into Oneness.

Since that realization, among others, we have now received four activations that were given to us to assist all that come to us to step through four vibration stages/fields and experience/feel oneness. Was this fantasy, our human desires and emotions? Or is this really the way it all happened? We will leave that up to you the reader. We know what we felt and have experienced since, we see the speed in which we are returning to oneness and all encompassing love for ALL.